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Radiant Insulation Information

The Green Place markets both radiant barrier and reflective insulation. We are a Canadian distributor for a major American supplier. The products we carry are heavily tested against many specifications to ensure their quality. They are all built around a metalized film approach. They are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, easy to handle, and require no maintenance. Unlike many other products, they meet ASTM E84 and E2599 fire codes which gives them a Class 1 / Class A fire rating.

Radiant barrier

We stock three grades of radiant barrier, which vary slightly in properties and applications. All are available in 500 and 1000 foot rolls that are 4 feet in width. They are designed to meet ASTM C1313 specifications for sheet radiant barriers for building construction applications. Additionally, they have been tested to comply with other ASTM specifications:

Fire Safety2 flame spread: 0
smoke development:as low as 5
overall rating: class a / class 1
Resists fungi3, corrosion4, cracking5, bleeding5, and delamination5

Industrial Grade

Our best product is designed for industry. It can be used as building wrap, on top of the rafters, or inside the rafters. Finally, it can be used underneath radiant heat flooring. It is reinforced with a polyethylene weave that is similar in texture and appearance to tarpaulin material. Specifications:

Weight33.2 pounds per 1000 foot roll
Tear strength6 along length: 24.59 pounds
along width: 21.49 pounds
Permeability78.19 Perms

Residential Grade

For residential applications that require some strength, this grade may be preferred. It is reinforced with cross-laminated polyolefin.

Weight16.35 pounds per 1000 foot roll
Tear strength6 along length: 4.53 pounds
along width: 4.48 pounds
Permeability76.3 Perms

Consumer Grade

Our least-expensive grade, this product is no less reflective than the above grades, but is somewhat more delicate. It is especially useful for residential retrofit and attic insulation. It is reinforced with polyester scrim. This is the only product that scored more than 5 in smoke development2.

Smoke development210
Weight16.35 pounds per 1000 foot roll
Tear strength6 along length: 2.32 pounds
along width: 1.50 pounds
Permeability79.6 Perms


  1. ASTM C1371-04a
  2. ASTM method E84-10
  3. ASTM C1338-08
  4. ASTM D3310-00
  5. ASTM C1313-05
  6. ASTM D2261-07a
  7. ASTM E96-05

Reflective insulation

Our reflective insulation comprises one or two layers of bubble film laminated between one or two layers of metalized film. In the case where only one layer of metalized film is used, white polyethylene is substituted. It provides similar properties to the radiant barrier products, with the additional advantage of providing conductive insulation. It will re-radiate only 5% of heat in which it comes in close physical contact with, compared to the approximate 90% re-radiation of ordinary building materials at the same temperature. It is an excellent reflector of all long-wave radiant heat that strikes it, reflecting up to 95%. Depending on installation technique, it can provide insulation values anywhere from R1.1 (compact subfloor installation) to R16.8 (between floor joists with air space).

(above: 2 foil-layer, 1 bubble-layer reflective insulation)

Our reflective insulation is available in rolls 4, 5, and 6 feet wide, comprising 300 and 500 square feet of coverage. We can also provide 8 and 10 foot widths by special order. The thickness varies depending on the number of bubble layers. Each layer adds 1/8".

(above: 1 foil-layer, 2 bubble-layer reflective insulation)

Contact Temperature Range-60 to 180 (°F)
Water Vapour Transmission0.02 perms1
Puncture Resistance60 lbs/in
Flame Spread20
Fire Rating2Class A/Class 1
Resistant Tolinear shrinkage
mold and mildew

Smoke Development2

Bubble LayersFilm LayersValue


  1. ASTM E96-05
  2. ASTM method E84-10


This table assumes use of the double-bubble, double-film insulation.

Side wall, conventional framing, including R12 fibreglass batt R 19.56
Block or basement wall, double furringR 7.01
Block or basement wall, 2"x2" furringR 4.24
Block or basement wall, 1"x1" furringR 3.30
Between floor joists, with air spaceR 16.8
In floor slab, compact, no air spaceR 1.1

Roofing Thermal Values

Metal building construction was tested using a corrugated metal exterior, 1/2" extruded polystyrene thermal breaks 5' on center, our insulation, and 8" Z purlins commonly used in metal buildings. Post-frame construction was tested using a corrugated metal exterior, 2" x 4" purlins, our insulation, a 2" x 6" to represent the top cord of a truss, and 1/2" wafer board. The thermal values are for both exposed insulation and applications where the insulation is covered for fire codes.
heat flowU value
construction updownupdown
metal wafer board5.027.930.1990.126
metal interior4.297.290.2330.137
exposed to interior3.637.260.2750.138
post frame wafer board6.9315.110.0660.144
metal interior6.2214.400.1610.069
exposed to interior4.9112.810.2040.078

All thermal values are corrected for frame loss. "Exposed to interior" values include the thermal resistance of the interior air film: 1.32 up and 4.55 down. In the post-frame case, K-values are equal to U-values.

Wall Thermal Values

Metal walls were tested with an assembly consisting of corrugated metal exterior, 1/2" extruded polystyrene thermal breaks, our insulation, 8" Z girts, and 1/2" wafer board to represent an interior finished wall.

Post-frame walls were tested with an assembly consisting of corrugated metal exterior, 2" x 4" girts, insulation, a 4" x 6" to represent the support beam, and 1/2" wafer board as an interior wall covering.

constructionheat flowu-value
metalwafer board5.450.183
metal interior4.770.210
exposed to interior4.500.222
post-framewafer board6.930.144
metal interior6.220.161
exposed to interior4.910.204

All thermal values are corrected for frame loss. "Exposed to interior" values include thermal resistance of 1.70 for interior air film.